OBRE’T EBRE from Catalonia in Spain

Obre’t Ebre was founded in 2007, it covers a need that is very present today, the need to promote values, and social cohesion of young people and children, especially those at risk of social exclusion, in rural areas and with fewer opportunities, as well as the sustainable development of the community. We are located in the municipality of Roquetes, in the Tarragona province, in Catalonia (Spain).

Our activities focus on two large blocks: the promotion of international mobility as a tool to promote interrelationships and learning in different subjects for young people, adults, and entities, and the local training program focused mainly on inclusion programs with the promotion of the language and training in sustainable agriculture and construction programs.

Local organization: Espai de So



We began our activity in 2005, as a result of a Youth in Action initiative of a Scout group. Since that moment, we have developed a local and international network to develop activities. We are experts in non-formal education, motivation empowerment, and inclusion. Competently using games and more specifically board games. Since 2017 we have been cooperating with different organizations in the field of diversity and disability, more particularly intellectual disability. Since then we have organized Erasmus + and European Solidarity Corps projects. We have also been involved in vocational education projects by providing non-formal education tools to improve the quality of education and also using Online-Open-Badges.

Local organization: Rondalla La Comarcal


AJD from Viana de Castelho from Portugal

AJD was formally founded on April 19, 1997, and aims to create and develop social, cultural, sports, and artistic activities for young people and adults, particularly in the area of ​​free time, volunteering, cooperation, and training, promoting and improving their access to information, their social integration, training, citizen participation, and equality between men and women.

Local organization: Arca de Sons


EUROBOX from Tuscany in Italy

Eurobox is an organization dedicated to learning mobility for young people and youth workers. It has average experience in non-formal education, methods, and recognition, although it is necessary to involve more and more young people in education, and activities, outside the educational itinerary. Finally, thanks to its international network, Eurobox can act with older young people of age and the local territory as a link between the European and local dimensions, contributing to expanding their skills and experience by promoting active European citizenship in the country and abroad implementing and promoting EVS projects, youth exchanges and training courses. The objectives of the projects are mainly the promotion of European values ​​and human rights, activities to promote peace, and intercultural learning.

Local organization: Centro Canavesano